The First Open International Fest Domashny Rebenok (Home Child)

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What is Natural Parenting?

Every family has its own answer.

There are no ready recipes and instructions.

For someone it is a itinerary of ancestry’s traditions,

And for someone it is a science and common sense…

There are answers will be enough for the whole book, but as it is known, it is betterto show once than to tell thousand times 🙂

Make a video about your natural parenting!

Share your unique experience, inspiration and success!

You don’t have to be a professional operator or director – just turn on a camera on your phone, iPad or any other device and everything will be all right!

Dear home children, mothers and fathers and also grandmothers and grandfathers!

We are looking forward to your films telling about natural approach to birth, upbringing and education of children!

kinofest_en.jpg Works are accepted till November 1st 2012

Genre: Feature, documentary and animated film

Competitive demonstration date will be apdate soon.

Fest conduct


Licence agreement

Panel of judges and fest programme are coming soon.

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